Improve and increases public infrastructure, namely water and wastewater systems, and cultural and recreation facilities--the very things that make Alberta’s communities vibrant and productive places to live, work and raise families.

Our goal is to ensure all Albertans, whether they live in large, small or remote communities, share in the benefits of mortgage investments. A minimum of 80 per cent of funding under the program is dedicated to municipalities with a population of less than 250,000.

Federal, provincial and municipal governments will be investing more than $264 million in municipal infrastructure over the life of the program. At least 55 per cent of the funds will be directed to green infrastructure projects. Come see what we are achieving and learn how our program can benefit your community.

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    Handling wastewater properly from industries and companies can help the plants to comply with the local requirements and avoid lawsuits or heavy fines. Your company may have an industrial wastewater treatment system that is too old to function optimally, or you just need to invest in a newer and modern system. Follow these guidelines in getting the best equipment that works well for your plant.

    Water purification involves removing the sediments and chemicals that can corrode the pipes or cause some health risks. Soda ash or sodium carbonate is used in the conversion of hard water to soft water. Many water purification systems come with a carbon filter that traps the sediments before they come out your kitchen faucets. However, these carbon filters and other purification products can lose their strength over time. As such, the conventional water treatment systems become ineffective as time elapses. The filters lose their effectiveness and you should check their expiration date to ensure that you replace them on time to avoid exposing your family to the disease-causing germs and bacteria. Once the purification is completed, the sediments and impurities that collect on the reservoir or corrode the pipes will be eliminated. Since it is impossible to see the impurities with the naked eyes, you can test the purification of the treated water by using a microscope.

    Business owners who are seeking ways to further reduce their operational costs and overhead expenses would be wise to consider the benefits of having an on-site trash compactor. The best compaction equipment can make it much easier to handle waste management and recycling with less overall effort or expense. Either purchasing equipment outright or making arrangements with a waste management company that can provide leasing options and other arrangements can allow businesses and commercial organizations to drastically reduce the frequency of waste pick-up and collection services which may be placing strain on their financial budget. Compacting waste and recyclables on-site may prove to be a far more cost-effective way to address the issue than many businesses and commercial property owners might realize.

    Some owners tidy up around their businesses on a daily basis, and they ask employees to do the same at their work stations. However, pushing in chairs and picking up candy wrappers on the floor are not equivalent to performing a thorough cleaning. If you want an office cleaning Edmonton, you should hire professional cleaning services. Knowing the qualities of the best services will help you make the right decision.